Even Non Engineers Can Learn Design Optimization!

For 10 years I studied worked in the Computational Aerodynamics Group at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. It's goal is researching into designing environmentally friendly aircraft. Specifically, I worked in the area of "aerodynamic shape optimization", where I used computer algorithms to design wings with the least amount of drag. While the group had undergraduate and graduate… Read more →

It's Hard Work!

I don't think that I have ever spent as much time on design posters for Hart House Orchestra as I have this season. The issue at heart is that our conductor Henry Janzen has very clear visions of what the works need to do, and I very much like the posters to match as closely to his vision as possible.… Read more →

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The mailman rang my doorbell on Monday morning, meaning that the package from Bike Nashbar has arrived. If you ever buy bike parts online, and want to make sure that it'll actually arrive in a timely manner, Nashbar is the place. In getting Wally ready, I almost forgot that it also needs new pedals. Because I'll be taking Wally on… Read more →

Wally, Meet the 21st Century

The Microshift integrated shifters finally arrived on Tuesday! Another day of no-show the eBay seller would have had to either refund me or send me a new one. But once again, Canada Post came through. Although I suspect that Canada Post "came through" because it is the reason that delivery took so long in the first place. That said, after… Read more →

What's Left To Do

So I still have a few things left to do on Wally before it's road worthy: Install new brake callipers Adjust brake pads Install integrated shifters Wrap handlebar tape Install new BB Re-install crankset Adjust front derailleur Install chain Install brake cables and housing Install shifter cables & housing Install and calibrate bike computer The list is rather long, but… Read more →