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Tongue-and-Cheek Ride Report

I had been telling people that although I'm not participating in the Friends for Life Bike Rally, I am "tagging along" in all their training rides. But this description would not have been entirely accurate for today's training ride, because I never rode with anyone.  If this ride had been a race, the race report might sound a bit like… Read more →

I Still Suck, But I'm Getting Better

For the first time in awhile, I biked four days in a row. And all of that thanks to the fact that I have wrapped up my contract at UTIAS, and am now unemployed. Time to enjoy the extra "free time" that comes with not having to commute to work everyday. On Wednesday morning, just before my wife left for… Read more →

Let the Riding Begin!

I hate cycling in the winter because the weather is cold and the roads are messy. Actually, the fact is that I hate winter cycling because I haven't learned to breathe properly through my nose—breathing cold air through my mouth is just painful. As was in previous years, the conditions for me to start riding is that (a) the temperature… Read more →

Cycling 4500km Or More This Year?

I spent some time this morning breaking down my "ambitious goal" of cycling 4500km this year. When I first conceived this a few weeks ago, it seemed to one of my craziest ides ever, seeing that although I am quite passionate about cycling as a sport and a mode of transportation, I do not even resemble an athletic person. As… Read more →

Getting Ready for Another Season of Cycling

I hardly ever make new-year resolutions, but I do set goals, some ambitious, some not so much. In the past months, I had been dreaming my spectacular "2014 cycling season". And to hopefully make that happen, I am already “hard at work” with my training, even though I had not brought my bike outside yet. Looking forward to this year, these are… Read more →