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CFDSC Abstract Submitted

Earlier this week I convinced my boss to let me submit a conference paper for the CFD Society of Canada, who will be having its annual conference and general meeting here in Toronto in June. I wanted to make sure that my integrated FFD idea gets a fair hearing from the attendees, and also to put something on paper to… Read more →

Continue Results

One of the thoughts that came to my mind is that if the flow solver fails with the deformed grid using my integrated-FFD method, it isn't worth a damn. So I fed the deformed grid results from the winglet case into the group's parallel Newton-Krylov-Schur flow solver, and it worked. It was really a sense of relief that yes, things… Read more →

FFD Results for Winglet Generation

Yes, it works for the 3D viscous grid that Lana uses for her optimization cases! On the left side we can see the FFD hull and the CFD surface grid; and on the right side we see a slice of the CFD grid. The grid is quite good, but what we want to make sure is that grid stays good… Read more →

Superchaged FFD

After toying with my FFD idea for awhile now (mostly working on weekends because there are more pressing work that I was working on). But now that I have implemented the linear-elasticity grid movement code from Anh, things are really looking up. I am going to be leaving for Hong Kong in about a week, and I am very happy… Read more →

A New FFD Idea

After working with the FFD code from the MDO Lab here at UTIAS for much of my post-doctoral research, I have come to love their approach in geometry parmeterization. But not completely. Because of all the advantages that they have, I still think that there is room for improvement. ┬áMy boss does not want to abandon the very-efficient B-spline approach… Read more →