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Even Non Engineers Can Learn Design Optimization!

For 10 years I studied worked in the Computational Aerodynamics Group at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. It's goal is researching into designing environmentally friendly aircraft. Specifically, I worked in the area of "aerodynamic shape optimization", where I used computer algorithms to design wings with the least amount of drag. While the group had undergraduate and graduate… Read more →

"El Cheapo" Road Bikes

The road bikes that I have now (and the road bikes that I have owned before) are not cheap. But while every one of them is worth over a thousand dollars, I'd like to believe that they're worth every penny, and they would have cost a lot more if I were to buy a brand-name bike. That said, I had… Read more →

Is There a Better Way to Get Around?

I'm certain that I think about this more than I need to, but now that my wife and I have moved into our new house in East York, it's time to re-think the way that I travel to and from work (and other places). What is the cheapest way to get around? What is the greenest way to get around?… Read more →

Singing with Purpose

A personal message to the Choir members of the Toronto Chinese United Church: In Primary 3 (Grade 3) in Hong Kong, I was invited to join my school's Junior Choir. Heep Woh Primary School (協和小學) had a wonderful music program, and both the Junior and Senior Choirs won awards in competitions regularly. At the student assembly (週會) every other Saturday… Read more →

Life, in Motion -- 2012 Review

2012 is a year of changes for Tim and Lilian. We began this year knowing that it was time to explore outside of our regular routines and we are happy to report that this was indeed the case. Life on the Bike Like in recent years, Tim spent a lot of time on his bike this year. Mostly that was in preparation for the Friends… Read more →