HHO Posters

It's Hard Work!

I don't think that I have ever spent as much time on design posters for Hart House Orchestra as I have this season. The issue at heart is that our conductor Henry Janzen has very clear visions of what the works need to do, and I very much like the posters to match as closely to his vision as possible.… Read more →

2012/2013 HHO Posters

This season was the first time that I was able to sit down before the start of the season to decide on how to format the posters. We had initially decided to do Mahler's 2nd Symphony, then it was changed to Mahler 6th, then the 7th, and at the end we decided against doing Mahler altogether, in favour of doing… Read more →

2012 Summer Concert Poster

Our conductor Henry decided to do a summer concert at the end of the 2012 season, and he chose the first two symphonies of Beethoven. We had a reduced orchestra (by invitation only) and we only had a few rehearsals. For the poster, I made it as simple as I possibly could, and since May is generally the tulip season… Read more →

2009/2010 HHO Posters

As much as I liked the posters from the 2008/2009 season, I thought I could do better. At the started of the 09/10 season, I knew that in order to make them better, I must simplify the designs further. There was too much information on the posters (while no doubt they were relevant information), and they were getting a bit… Read more →

2008/2009 HHO Posters

By all accounts, the 2008/2009 posters were amazing. All accounts, except mine of course, although I am rather proud of them. For this season, I wanted to use instruments as graphics for the ┬áposters: a cello for the Brahms concert, a trumpet for the Beethoven concert, and woodwind instruments for the Rimsky-Korsakov concert. The goal: create something sexy. Later I… Read more →