HHO Posters

2007/2008 HHO Posters

The landscape layout for the 06/07 season worked out so well that I decided to continue with it. This is the first season where Henry (our music director principal conductor) and Bill (our new assistant conductor) were able to decide on the major pieces before the start of the season, and so I was able to make a "Season Poster"… Read more →

2006/2007 HHO Posters

For the 2006/2007 Season, I was given more resources to design the posters. One of the thing that had not worked out so well was the fact it is difficult to fit all the relevant information in the 8.5" by 11" (North American letter size paper) paper. ¬†At the start of the season, our programme manager at HH told me… Read more →

2005/2006 HHO Poster

The first poster I ever designed for the Hart House Orchestra was for the Spring Concert in April 2006. Up until then, the posters were designed by the graphics department at HH, they always looked like something that they cooked up with Microsoft Office cliparts and a standard template. Something that they can do in 15 minutes, tops. I thought,… Read more →