Monthly Archives: September 2013

A No-Wind Situation

This is the third time I've rode my bike to work since I moved into the new home. (I haven't actually moved in yet, but my wife and I have been sleeping on the sofa bed since we took possession while our beautiful beautiful queen-size bed and dining table, and office desk, and bookshelves, and my computer remain unused in… Read more →

Church to Church

I had hoped to ride from home to Hart House on Saturday, but once I saw the weather, I decided against it. I know I know, I am a bit of a wimp, buy hey, after the stresses on the bike on Friday, I think it's okay to take a day off. After the service at TCUC, I had choir… Read more →

Round About

So I biked to work again yesterday. This was the second time this week, and the most cycling I have done in one week since the Bike Rally in July/August. (I have excuses!) My plan was to ride home from work with a big detour for a better work out (more on that later), and it would bump my total… Read more →

A New FFD Idea

After working with the FFD code from the MDO Lab here at UTIAS for much of my post-doctoral research, I have come to love their approach in geometry parmeterization. But not completely. Because of all the advantages that they have, I still think that there is room for improvement. ┬áMy boss does not want to abandon the very-efficient B-spline approach… Read more →

Hauling A**

When I got up this morning, I was determind to ride my bike to work today. I haven't been on my bike for over a week now, and I was getting envious whenever I see a cyclist...even the old man on Danforth Avenue who wore his helmet backwards. That I want to ride to work is unremarkable, as I have… Read more →