Monthly Archives: February 2014

CFDSC Abstract Submitted

Earlier this week I convinced my boss to let me submit a conference paper for the CFD Society of Canada, who will be having its annual conference and general meeting here in Toronto in June. I wanted to make sure that my integrated FFD idea gets a fair hearing from the attendees, and also to put something on paper to… Read more →

Cycling 4500km Or More This Year?

I spent some time this morning breaking down my "ambitious goal" of cycling 4500km this year. When I first conceived this a few weeks ago, it seemed to one of my craziest ides ever, seeing that although I am quite passionate about cycling as a sport and a mode of transportation, I do not even resemble an athletic person. As… Read more →

Et in Terra Pax from Vivaldi's Gloria

Lilian has kindly converted the MIDI file that I've posted into a number of MP3 files: Soprano (with other choral parts) Soprano (also with piano) Alto (with other choral parts) Alto (also with piano) Tenor (with other choral parts) Tenor (also with piano) Bass (with other choral parts) Bass (also with piano) Please click on the link to download the part(s) you need. As for real recordings, you… Read more →