Monthly Archives: March 2014

"El Cheapo" Road Bikes

The road bikes that I have now (and the road bikes that I have owned before) are not cheap. But while every one of them is worth over a thousand dollars, I'd like to believe that they're worth every penny, and they would have cost a lot more if I were to buy a brand-name bike. That said, I had… Read more →

New Bike for a New Season, Finally!

Having anxiously waited for three weeks, the replacement fork arrived 10 days ago. What a beauty it was! And after using a caliper to measure the bottom diameter of the fork's steerer tube, I was satisfied that there should be no issues with installing the crown race this time. So last Tuesday, while en-route to Hart House for my orchestra… Read more →

Let the Riding Begin!

I hate cycling in the winter because the weather is cold and the roads are messy. Actually, the fact is that I hate winter cycling because I haven't learned to breathe properly through my nose—breathing cold air through my mouth is just painful. As was in previous years, the conditions for me to start riding is that (a) the temperature… Read more →

New Bike for a New Season, Part 1

Since I have set some very-ambitious plans on my bike for the riding season of 2014, I thought perhaps this is the year to upgrade my bike frame. As was the case the first time I built up a bike back in the summer of 2009, there are plenty of Chinese-made options to choose from online, and the quality of… Read more →