Pedal 100 (2009)

I completed my first “century” ride at the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Pedal 100 on an extremely hot and humid day in August 2009. Before the ride, my friend Duncan and I had talked about the possibility that we may not finished, seeing that both of us were in pretty lousy shape.

Just before the ride, I bought a new carbon fibre bike frame on eBay, and the original plan was to have the new bike built up before Pedal 100. When the frame arrived, the fork was missing, and the whole project was delayed until after Pedal 100, and I rode instead on my slightly-over-sized Cannondale R600, which was actually quite a nice machine too. Duncan and I took our time with the ride, and never stressed ourselves too much, nevertheless, the fact that I have never done a century ride made me a bit nervous. At the end, my odometer clocked in at 158km. Good enough.