Getting Ready for Another Season of Cycling

I hardly ever make new-year resolutions, but I do set goals, some ambitious, some not so much. In the past months, I had been dreaming my spectacular "2014 cycling season". And to hopefully make that happen, I am already “hard at work” with my training, even though I had not brought my bike outside yet. Looking forward to this year, these are some of the things that I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Ride more than 4000km this year. I tried to do this for 2013, but I came up just short of the goal, despite riding quite often to and from work in September and October, November and December had been incredibly cold in Toronto, and as a person who grew up in Hong Kong and Vancouver, riding in -20°C temperature seems insane. Luckily, I am trying to do one stretch of Love in Motion (organized by the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada) from Winnipeg to Toronto, and it should take care of half of that distance. Last year, but the third week of January, there had already been a couple of warm days where I was able to ride to places. So far, my bikes have not seen the outside of my house yet.
  2. Do well in these charity and recreational rides: Ride for Heart, TNTO, Love in Motion and Ride for United Way, if I'm not burnt out by then. I am, however, not going to do the Friends for Life Bike Rally this year—having done it for the past 3 straight years, but I'll be training with them for most of the months in spring.
  3. Increase my average speed to 28-30km/h. This is completely for my own benefit so that I don't get dropped so easily, especially when riding with faster riders on TNTO and Ride4UW...or if I'm riding with the Hart House group for R4H.
  4. Ride to work more often. I think in generally, this is going to help with point 3. I've finished building my single-speed bike, and that would be perfect for my commute.

A little bit more about the bike trainer. I used to have one from Mountain Equipment Coop (I bought it 6 years ago) and a couple of months ago, it broke. Well not really. But the plastic piece where the wheel skewer attaches to the trainer cracked. So I took the trainer to MEC and asked them to replace the part. Well, they didn't have a spare part, so they instead took the whole thing back, wrote me a voucher for the $220 I paid for it. Yes. I got a refund for a 6-year-old bike trainer. I promptly upgraded to a newer model that doesn't rely on that plastic piece anymore.