Cycling 4500km Or More This Year?

I spent some time this morning breaking down my "ambitious goal" of cycling 4500km this year. When I first conceived this a few weeks ago, it seemed to one of my craziest ides ever, seeing that although I am quite passionate about cycling as a sport and a mode of transportation, I do not even resemble an athletic person. As it turns out, this goal may be more achievable than I have first thought. Here is the break down the distances of all the rides that I plan to go on:

EVENT Distance (km) Comments
Ride for Heart 100 First Sunday in June, extra loop on the DVP
TNTO 340 Two days during the Father's Day weekend in June
Love in Motion 1900 Late July to early August
BR training rides 600 I am not riding with on the Bike Rally this year, but I will likely to train with all the other participants. The "planned" rides include:
Warden -- Toronto Zoo
Warden -- Pickering
Kipling -- Terra Cotta
Finch-Keswick and
Ride to Work 1200 Between April to September, minus 2 weeks when I'm on LiM, once a week
Home - Jacksons Point 75 Attending church group retreat for one day??
Home - Mississauga 55 Can do this a few times to visit my wife's uncle
Home - church 50 With detour, can do this every few weeks when the weather is good.

But nothing ever works as simply as I plan. The chart is only for if I don't do anything too extreme. That said, my wife will probably want me to cut down my time and distance on Love in Motion, because it comes at a critical time in the summer—the reason will become clear in the coming months. To complicate things further, I have also been discussing with my friend Duncan of the possibility of him doing either the TNTO or the TNT Hairshirt depending on his dragon-boat race schedule. (Both rides are organized by the Toronto Bicycling Network; TNTO goes from Mississauga Square One to Niagara Falls and back as an overnight trip; the TNT Harishirt does it in one day) I told Duncan that if he does the Hairshirt, I'd go with him—this way we get to draft behind one another, and we will save a lot of energy. And since I also promised Maciej to do the TNTO with him, it is possible that I will do both events. In either case, I'd better do a lot more rides to and from work in April & May, as soon as the weather warms up.  The TBN website suggests that anyone attempting to do the Hairshirt should ride ~300km/week in the months prior to the event. If I just "train" at 250km/week (riding to and from work everyday, rain or shine) April and May, that's 8wk * 250km/wk = 2000km...that's already almost 1/2 way to my goal. I'll be tracking my "ride progress" through my bike computer and my Strava app this year.

(A note about the "featured image" along with this post; I will not be riding a touring bike like that.)