2009/2010 HHO Posters

As much as I liked the posters from the 2008/2009 season, I thought I could do better. At the started of the 09/10 season, I knew that in order to make them better, I must simplify the designs further. There was too much information on the posters (while no doubt they were relevant information), and they were getting a bit "noisy" when I look at them. I decided that the new posters have to have a lot of white space to ease the eyes. But I also wanted something with bold graphics to draw people's attention. Afterall, there was a lot of very bold music that the orchestra played. For the Fall Concert, I chose some Russian dolls. A lot of people in the orchestra thought that they were Easter eggs (why would I have Easter eggs for a fall concert?) At the end, the graphics were colourful enough that no one seemed to mind too much. The poster for the Winter concert featured the keys of a saxophone, and even though it lacked colours, it also drew people's attention.


The designed for the Spring Concert was delayed a bit because the conductors didn't decide on the major piece until after the Winter Concert. At the end, they chose Beethoven's 6th Symphony, over the original first choice (Mahler's 5th Symphony). I did a quick search on Google Image for graphics using a single keyword "pastoral", Google generated a lot of results with sunflowers on it. So sunflower it was! It turned out to be the most striking poster I have ever designed, and if anything, it drew a lot of attention from passersby at Hart House.