2007/2008 HHO Posters


The landscape layout for the 06/07 season worked out so well that I decided to continue with it. This is the first season where Henry (our music director principal conductor) and Bill (our new assistant conductor) were able to decide on the major pieces before the start of the season, and so I was able to make a "Season Poster" before making the individual concert poster. A few of them were posted around Hart House, but they were finally taken down when people from other HH groups started tempering with my posters, by folding them up to hide portions of the poster. I was at first very disappointed with that, but at the end, I also felt that having our posters stay on the bulletin board all year long while other groups fight for real estate on the board was not fair either.

Before the the start of the season, I have already downloaded all the graphics that I needed (all of them are public-domain files from Google Images).  And when it came time to design the posters themselves, I just added the relevant information about the concerts:

For the winter concert, there was another similar poster that I designed for our trip to Kingston. The concert was a fundraiser for the Schizophrenia Society.  When my wife and I walked around the city on the day of the concert, we found my poster plastered all around town.  This season was also the first and last time that we had two distinct posters for a single concert. I had already chosen the Statue of Liberty for the Spring Concert. (It's very New York!) But when I found a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge online, I decided that I must have it.