2006/2007 HHO Posters

For the 2006/2007 Season, I was given more resources to design the posters. One of the thing that had not worked out so well was the fact it is difficult to fit all the relevant information in the 8.5" by 11" (North American letter size paper) paper.  At the start of the season, our programme manager at HH told me that we can print 11" by 17" posters at JT Printing at a fairly reasonable price. From that point onwards, all the HHO posters have been printed by JT. The theme for the first two concerts follows that of the Spring Concert from the previous season, and so the Fall and Winter concerts both have the "fall leaves" and "winter snow" graphics. The results were quite good at the end.

By the time to design the Spring Concert, I had grown tired of this format. The biggest problem I had was with the amount of information that I had to cramp into the poster.  At that time, it was a bit "trendy" to turn the posters by 90°, and have it in the landscape orientation. So that's what I did for the next poster. It was very simple (I have not put in any graphics), but it turned out to be very effective at the same time. The Carmina Burana poster was not particularly effective, but it set the stage for the posters for the upcoming season.