2008/2009 HHO Posters

By all accounts, the 2008/2009 posters were amazing. All accounts, except mine of course, although I am rather proud of them. For this season, I wanted to use instruments as graphics for the  posters: a cello for the Brahms concert, a trumpet for the Beethoven concert, and woodwind instruments for the Rimsky-Korsakov concert. The goal: create something sexy. Later I found out that our principal trumpet Tim Hendrickson was going to perform a concerto at the last concert, so I swapped the graphics for the second and third concerts.

When the orchestra decided to go to Ottawa for our trip, and perform a fundraiser concert for a very well-known homeless shelter in the area, it opened up some new possibilities...and headaches. They wanted a play on word with "Hart", and seeing that the concert was on Valentines Day, something to do with hearts. Combined with the fact that we needed the poster to be bilingual, a lot of extra work went into it. Although I am quite happy with the final results.

In hindsight, the poster was still too crowded, and I still need to learn to filter the information to maximize white space. But for now, I look forward to designing next year's poster. We have some amazing soloists who will perform with the orchestra, and the least I can do is to make the posters look good.