CFDSC Abstract Submitted

Earlier this week I convinced my boss to let me submit a conference paper for the CFD Society of Canada, who will be having its annual conference and general meeting here in Toronto in June. I wanted to make sure that my integrated FFD idea gets a fair hearing from the attendees, and also to put something on paper to claim the idea first before anyone else beats me to it. CFDSC 2014 is not a major conference, so hopefully I won't face the same pressure as I would in more publicized conferences. Writing the abstract took surprisingly little time, as I had been writing up ever since I started working on the idea. I have now submitted the abstract. It hasn't been formally accepted yet (the deadline is next Friday and it'll be a few weeks before they make their decisions) but I don't anticipate any problems at all.

Now, I'll just have to produce some results before April (when the actual paper is due).

Update: The abstract had been accepted, and I'm currently working on the actual paper.