Wally Gets Some New Parts on Days 8 & 10

The new parts and supplies that I bought through the Mountain Equipment Co-op website have finally arrived. Strangely, the Tourney rear derailleur was in a separate package that arrived two days later. As to why it was done this way, I suspect that it's because the components were sent from different MEC store locations (i.e. a package from Toronto store, and another one from Vancouver). In the past two years I've had very little faith with the quality of work of Canada Post, at least in Toronto and Vancouver. But that's another story altogether.

2015-01-06 13.41.20

I am quite impressed by the low weight of those shiny Sunrace freewheels; it's just slightly heavier than my 9-speed SRAM cassette. On the down side, the water bottle cage didn't come with bolts, so I'll have to rummage through my pile of old bolts in my shed at some point. Still missing are all the important items: shifters, cable stops, brake calipers and crankset. None of these parts will arrive any time soon.

The arrival of the rear derailleur is creating a minor dilemma. I also have an old Shimano Exage derailleur that's not being used. It's not in as good condition the rest of Wally, and it's a bit dirty too, but Exage was admittedly a higher-end model than the Tourney. The derailleur itself is also lighter, and looks less bulky. Mechanically, it desperately needs a new 10t jockey wheel (the old one is chewed up very badly), but there aren't any cheap ones on eBay. MEC only sells a set of two 11t jockey wheels for newer 9/10-speed derailleurs for $11, which is a good price, and I think I can make them work on the Exage, but then I only spent $15 on the Tourney in the first place. Decision, Decision, decision...

My new Tourney rear derailleur alongside my old Exage rear derailleur (at the moment without its jockey wheels).

My new Tourney rear derailleur alongside my old Exage rear derailleur (at the moment without jockey wheels).