Deconstructing Wally

Most of Wally's new parts have finally arrived...well, all except one. The shifters are still en route from China, and God knows when it'll arrives. (Canada Post's website says they left China on the 4th of January, but it still hasn't arrived in Canada after 25 days.) Thankfully I don't actually need new parts to get important work done on the bike in the mean time. My first task is to completely disassemble the bike, leaving only the bottom bracket on the frame. Then I can see for sure what needs fixing and cleaning, and what can be discarded completely. Here's a time-lapse video of the dis-assembly. I made it by mounting my cell phone on a tripod, and then running the Lapse It Pro app. Each frame is taken at 2-second intervals, and then played back at 25 fps.

What's not shown in the video are:

  1. My non-attempt to uninstall the free-wheel. I don't have the correct tool to uninstall a Suntour free-wheel, so I'll need to drop by my local bike shop (or BikeChain at U. of Toronto) to get someone else to do it for me. (I'll try to save the free-wheel; after cleaning I'll be able to see if I can restore it at all.)
  2. My half-hearted attempt to remove the fork. I also don't have the right wrench to remove the lock ring, and I'll be seeking help from my friend Duncan. The headset bearings definitely needs some work, as the fork doesn't rotate smoothly when I turn it.
  3. My not-so-successful attempt to remove the cranks. As it turns out, the bottom bracket spindle is very long, and I wasn't able to screw in the crankset removal tool. That also is something that I'll need to seek help from a bike shop.