It's Hard Work!

I don't think that I have ever spent as much time on design posters for Hart House Orchestra as I have this season. The issue at heart is that our conductor Henry Janzen has very clear visions of what the works need to do, and I very much like the posters to match as closely to his vision as possible. This admittedly creates more work for myself, but hey, if it can be done well, why not. These are my designs for the Fall Concert in November 2015:

The first design is my best attempt in the summer. In fact, at the time, I thought it was brilliant. But the more I looked at it, the more I felt that it was too dark. After discussing with Henry, I tried another "dark forest" theme, but this time with a light shone on the back. Henry and I both loved the concept of it, but I couldn't quite make it work. The background was too noisy. Browsing through stock photos, art work, and Google Image didn't give me a cleaner background that's comparable to the cleanliness of the first design. So I started from scratch again. The third design now focuses on the "light behind something" concept, and what better than clouds!

For the Winter Concert in February 2016, Henry pointed out to me that Beethoven was a composer who "strove for ideas beyond the present human condition", and he would like a poster with a more joyous background. Hence, the design went from a "winter" them on the left, to the "vibrant colour" theme on the right:

It was actually good that Henry has been adamant about the poster; otherwise I would have settled on a tried-and-tested design that is rather bland in the first place. (And the original theme has been used a number of times in previous seasons, although I have not resorted to repeating the graphics.) Interestingly, when I wrote out the titles of the two pieces that we're preforming, it's almost the same length! So I went and changed the font size for the third line (date, time, location) so that it'd be the same as the first two. I think it worked out quite well. I still need to add the proper Hart House graphics to the bottom of the poster before it goes to the print shop in the winter months. Unfortunately, like the Fall Concert poster, I think adding the HH logo will completely destroy all that is nice about the original design.

As for the poster for the Spring concert in April 2016, there hasn't been any request for changes, so it'll probably stay like this for now:

The design is pretty simple, with a very spring-like image on the bottom of the poster. I worked very hard at fitting the names of the pieces into the same width--it was more difficult than the previous two concerts, and unless you look very hard at it, it's very difficult to tell exactly what I did with the font size and spacing to get the desired effect.