I am a perpetually impatient person, so I couldn't possibly wait for all the parts to arrive before starting to put Wally back together. Since the last post, I went to BikeChain to get three things done on the bike: Removing the freewheel Removing the crankset and bottom bracket Remove the fork to service/replace the headset bearing On a very… Read more →

Deconstructing Wally

Most of Wally's new parts have finally arrived...well, all except one. The shifters are still en route from China, and God knows when it'll arrives. (Canada Post's website says they left China on the 4th of January, but it still hasn't arrived in Canada after 25 days.) Thankfully I don't actually need new parts to get important work done on… Read more →

Wally Gets Some New Parts on Days 8 & 10

The new parts and supplies that I bought through the Mountain Equipment Co-op website have finally arrived. Strangely, the Tourney rear derailleur was in a separate package that arrived two days later. As to why it was done this way, I suspect that it's because the components were sent from different MEC store locations (i.e. a package from Toronto store,… Read more →

Wally's Day 2

Yesterday, immediately after taking Wally home and writing the first blog entry in this series, I did a few simple things on the bike: Went for a ride and found out that the chain is in even worse shape that I first thought Wiped down the bikeā€”and found out how gorgeous the paint job still is Replaced the saddle with… Read more →

Wally the Raleigh

This is my new bike. It's a 1983 Raleigh Olympian. So it's only "new" in that I didn't own it until now; I bought it for a small sum of money on Kijiji. Since August, I've only had my carbon road bike, and while it's fast and pretty, it's not practical for grocery shopping at the supermarket: I worry that… Read more →